If you have been in a car accident and are now experiencing concerning symptoms, even if those symptoms only appeared days after your accident, our chiropractor near you, serving Northeast Kansas, urges you to schedule an assessment. At Counselman & Wade Chiropractic, we hear a number of frequently asked questions regarding auto collision care and chiropractic.


Does Insurance Cover Accident Chiropractic Care?

According to Kansas law, auto insurance policies legally must include accident injury coverage for reasonable or essential medical costs, including diagnostic tests, treatments supporting recovery, and directly related services, like rehabilitation therapy. This provision intends for patients to receive every needed intervention regardless of fault determination. Call us to verify individual plan specifics protecting your care access.

When Should I Get Checked Out Post-Crash?

Whiplash symptoms, like painful neck and back stiffness, headaches, or arm tingling, often develop hours or even days post-accident as muscles progressively swell, nerves inflame, and hormones like adrenaline return to normal levels. Even if you aren’t experiencing immediate pain or limited range of motion, promptly schedule a visit with our chiropractor near you, so our doctors fully document hidden conditions before they escalate. Early response aids legal outcomes too.

Why Does Chiropractic Care Matter Long-Term?

Unlike painkillers that temporarily mask discomfort, sustained chiropractic and rehabilitation rebuilds health foundations supporting whole musculoskeletal and neurological system functionality critical for mobility, strength, coordination, and overall long-term wellness. Consistent therapy ensures optimal recovery. Our experienced auto accident care team advocates optimizing treatment immediately following an accident to improve a person’s future recovery.

Our Northeast, KS, Chiropractor's Comprehensive Care Role

Through precise imaging, neurological testing, gait analysis, and orthopedic assessments, our chiropractors accurately identify any hidden structural instabilities and nerve irritations behind pain or limited mobility. We develop customized multidisciplinary treatment plans utilizing specialist referrals plus our personalized spinal alignments, extremity adjustments, and therapeutic modalities to comprehensively restore wellness by addressing root causes. Rely on our proven expertise to navigate your post-accident recovery.

When You Need Auto Injury Treatment, Let Us Help! Call Now to Get Started

Trust Counselman & Wade Chiropractic’s auto injury specialists to rehabilitate whiplash damage and painful sprains toward more complete healing. Call about new or existing symptoms related to an older accident. We handle insurance details while you focus on feeling better. We serve those in the greater Northeast Kansas area, including: Shawnee, Jackson, and Jefferson counties and the cities of Topeka, Perry, Meriden, Silverlake, Auburn, Berryton, Grantville, and Tecumseh, KS regions. Call now to get the pain relief you deserve.

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