Pinched Nerves FAQs

When pressure is placed on a nerve, it can cause the nerve to become compressed. Pinched nerves can lead to pain and other uncomfortable symptoms, which is why you need to seek treatment for this issue. At Counselman & Wade Chiropractic in Topeka, we've helped many patients find relief from pinched nerves.


What Can Cause a Pinched Nerve?

Pinched nerves have many different causes. Inflamed joints, herniated discs, and bone spurs can all cause the nerves to become compressed. You may also develop a pinched nerve if you have knots in your muscles.

What Are the Symptoms of Pinched Nerves?

While pain is the primary symptom of a compressed nerve, it can cause other symptoms as well. Many people with pinched nerves report a pins and needles sensation. Others may experience weakness in certain parts of the body.

It's important to note that the type of pain a pinched nerve causes isn't always the same. Sciatica, a condition that occurs when the sciatic nerve is compressed, can result in intense pain. You may have radiating pain or a dull aching pain that gets worse when you're seated.

How Can I Prevent Pinched Nerves?

There's no way to completely avoid pinched nerves, but there are steps you can take to reduce the risk of pinched nerves. Poor posture can lead to issues that result in pinched nerves, which is why you should try to correct your posture and stand up straight. You should also try to avoid repetitive motions. Take breaks throughout the day so that you can stretch your body.

How Do Chiropractors Treat Pinched Nerves?

A chiropractor will determine why your nerve is compressed and work to relieve pressure on your nerve. Issues like herniated discs can be addressed with a chiropractic adjustment. In some cases, our chiropractor may recommend additional treatments as well, such as spinal decompression. Chiropractors use a variety of techniques to relieve pain and address issues like sciatica that can make your symptoms worse.

Get Treatment from Our Chiropractor in Topeka, KS

A pinched nerve can be very painful, which is why you should get treatment as soon as possible. Chiropractic techniques like chiropractic adjustments are one of the most effective ways to treat compressed nerves. Call Counselman & Wade Chiropractic today at (785) 234-0521 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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