Whiplash occurs when sudden movement throws one's head forward, sideways, or backward quickly and unexpectedly. The fast jerking motion can cause damage to ligaments, connective tissue, and supporting muscles. Vehicle accidents, sports collisions, work injuries, and physical trauma all cause whiplash. If you experience any one of these events while in the Topeka, KS area, schedule a chiropractic evaluation. Visit our experienced whiplash chiropractor at Counselman & Wade Chiropractic. Do not wait until you feel severe pain to schedule an appointment. Damage may become permanent before serious complications arise. You might have sustained injuries even if you are not feeling pain.


Symptoms of Whiplash

Whiplash may cause:

  • acute neck pain
  • increased pain with movement
  • restricted neck movement
  • pain or tenderness in the shoulder, upper back, and arms
  • headaches that originate at the base of the skull
  • dizziness
  • fatigue

Do not ignore any of these symptoms. We can treat your discomfort.

Diagnosing Whiplash

Whiplash does not appear on imaging tests. However, by performing imaging, your chiropractor can eliminate other potential sources of pain. After an automobile accident or other type of injury, your neck and shoulders may be experiencing various kinds of discomfort. X-rays and other digital imaging technologies allow us to eliminate other potential causes of discomfort or pain. 

Treating Whiplash

We work with you to properly align your muscles and bones, restoring balance to your body. After our whiplash chiropractor meets with you, we design a treatment plan to match your needs and lifestyle. We may use one remedy or a mixture of treatments to treat your whiplash. Common whiplash treatments include gentle neck exercises, heat or cold presses, spinal manipulation, and trigger point therapy.

Reducing the Risk of Whiplash

Your job may cause you to spend time driving or riding in a vehicle. If you participate in contact sports, you are at risk for whiplash, too. Our whiplash chiropractor knows ways you can reduce your risk of whiplash. By strengthening your shoulder and neck muscles, you can reduce the effects of a whiplash-causing incident.

If You Are Suffering from Whiplash Near Topeka KS, Contact Our Whiplash Chiropractor Now

The sooner you schedule a chiropractic consultation with our doctor at Counselman & Wade Chiropractic, the sooner you can begin treatment. If you are near Topeka, KS, do not suffer from whiplash symptoms. Do not let your condition worsen. Call our office today at (785) 234-0521 to schedule an appointment.

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