Postural FAQs

Posture can be a confusing topic for many people. Many struggle to identify ideal posture and understand how it affects the body. At Counselman & Wade Chiropractic, we want to take this opportunity to answer some frequently asked questions about posture. If your specific questions aren't answered here, you can always visit our location in Topeka for more information.


What Does Good Posture Look Like?

Generally speaking, good posture involves accounting for your spine's natural curvature while distributing your body weight evenly. However, what constitutes good posture can vary slightly from one person to another. If you want pointers on exhibiting good posture, it's advisable to consult a chiropractor.

What Are the Causes of Posture Problems?

Bad habits are often to blame for posture issues. These habits include slouching, hunching over, and remaining in one position for a long time. Additionally, existing injuries can make it difficult to position your body correctly. In such cases, working with a chiropractic care specialist can help address those injuries and improve your posture.

How Does Poor Posture Affect the Body?

Consistently exhibiting poor posture can have adverse effects on your health. It can cause significant back and neck pain, and the stress on your back may lead to additional issues like sciatica. Poor posture can also weaken your spine and make you more susceptible to serious injuries. Additionally, your flexibility may be compromised due to your inability to practice good posture consistently.

How Can a Chiropractor Treat the Issues Caused by Poor Posture?

If you are experiencing health issues caused by poor posture, seeking help from a chiropractor is recommended. A chiropractic care specialist can address your neck and back pain, as well as other issues related to your poor posture. After conducting exams to identify the problems, your chiropractor can administer adjustments designed to correct any misalignments resulting from posture issues. They can also provide guidance on better posture habits to prevent future injuries.

What Impact Does Exercise Have on Posture?

Regular exercise is one of the best ways to improve your posture. Proper exercise strengthens your body, making it easier to practice good posture habits. By building strength, you can support your body in maintaining proper alignment and posture.

Get Expert Posture Advice from a Chiropractor

If you have concerns about your posture, Counselman & Wade Chiropractic can help. Contact us today at (785) 234-0521 or visit our location in Topeka for expert advice from a chiropractor.

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